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12 Years a Slave Oscar Nominations

For many, it comes as no surprise that 12 Years a Slave is positioned to take home many Oscars in 2014 with a total of 9 nominations. Only two other films this year top that with 10 nominations each going to American Hustle and Gravity.

What are the 12 Years a Slave Oscar Nominations?

The movie 12 Years a Slave received 9 nominations for the 2014 Oscars to include the following:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Actor in a Leading Role – Chiwetel Ejiofor
  3. Actor in a Supporting Role – Michael Fassbender
  4. Actress in a Supporting Role – Lupita Nyong’o
  5. Costume Design – Patricia Norris
  6. Directing – Steve McQueen
  7. Film Editing – Joe Walker
  8. Production Design – Adam Stockhausen (Production Design); Alice Baker (Set Decoration)
  9. Writing – Screenplay by John Ridley

When is Oscars 2014?

Find out the dramatic conclusion to these nominations on Sunday, March 2nd on ABC. The ceremony will be broadcast live beginning at 7pm ET.

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12 Years a Slave Movie Now in Theaters Everywhere

12 Years a Slave Nyongo
12 Years a Slave is Now Playing in a Theater Near You

After the much anticipated pre-release of 12 Years a Slave to select major cities in North America on October 18th, and then after the second iteration of (what we’ll call) a pre-release to additional major cities, we now have the “Now everyone else can get access to the movie” release. :) That’s right.

All that to say, the movie 12 Years a Slave is now playing in theaters everywhere as of Friday, November 1, 2013. Awesome! What else can one say, but “Awesome!” Okay, you could say a lot more than that, but this is the quality of movie that necessitates that single word grandeur with a moment of silence… and then more explanations and proper adjectives may follow.

This is the movie critics are saying “More than a powerful elegy, ’12 Years A Slave’ is a mesmerizing triumph.” (

Have you seen this movie yet? You haven’t?

That’s okay, most others haven’t either. But please take this opportunity to go to the theater and partake of 12 Years a Slave. While not for the faint of heart, this story is certainly good for the heart. It’s easy to crawl into our little holes (our own worlds) and forget about the stories that have shaped us and molded our cultures into the living, thriving “beings” they are today. So get out of the hole you’ve crawled into, and head to your theater tonight with the family. Well, you might want to preview it yourself before taking the kids so you can decide whether you want them to see it yet (as it’s rated R and runs 133 minutes long), but go nonetheless.


12 Years a Slave’s Week 2 Release in Select Cities October 25th

12 years a slave with FassbenderThe new movie, 12 Years a Slave, is making round two this week starting today, October 25, 2013. By “round two” we mean the movie first opened to the tier one markets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, and Toronto last week on October 18th. Now the movie will be gracing the presence of the tier two cities of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; and Boston, Massachusetts.

The amazing and powerful true story of Solomon Northrup will eventually make it to all audiences starting on November 1, 2013. So mark your calendars for the movie critics are calling “A towering achievement” (HITFIX.COM).

Twelve Years a Slave is based on an amazing true story of a man’s struggle for survival and freedom. Before the Civil War in the United States, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from northern New York, is abducted and sold as a slave. Facing crazy injustice by his slave owner, portrayed by Michael Fassbender, as well as receiving unexpected friendship from others, Solomon struggles to stay alive and keep his dignity. His life changed after 12 years into his amazing journey with a chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist (Brad Pitt) that forever alters his life.

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12 Years a Slave Fills Theaters Across the Country for Its Premier

bg-ejioforThe new movie from Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave, broke in with its first round of releases across the nation yesterday in the cities of  Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, and Toronto.

The movie found itself with filled theaters hosting thousands in those major cities. Not only was it viewed by thousands of receptive audience members, it also had a profound impact on thousands of those individuals.

One person responded to reaction to the movie by saying, “I truly wish there were more historical movies based on true stories like this. Stories like those of Solomon Northrup need to be heard and not only by us adults but our youth as well.”

The Hollywood Reporter spoke of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performance saying “Ejiofor is terrific in a demanding character who’s put through the wringer physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

The deep significance of a role such as the one played by Ejiofor also demands deep commitment. The premier audience was not disappointed by his portrayal, and neither will the others to come, in my humble opinion.

If you missed the limited premier, catch it in week two. Still too limited of a release to see you in a theater? Catch it when the movie touches the masses in theaters everywhere on November 1, 2013.

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12 Years a Slave Opens in Select Theaters for its Week 1 Release

Brad Pitt in 12 years a SlaveThe movie critics have called “A profound cinematic achievement on every level” (, 12 Years a Slave, is Now Playing in theaters across the United States and Canada in it’s first-week limited release.

Which theaters are playing 12 Years a Slave starting today? Select theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, and Toronto will be hosting this great new movie from Director and Producer Steve McQueen.

If you’re one of the few who can actually catch the movie on in its opening weekend (and for the first week of its release) consider yourself privileged! Seldom does a story this much impact come along in Hollywood. And when it does, we are all given a great opportunity to join in, connect with the story, the characters, and one another as we discuss the magnitude of events that have shaped culture and all the people from within it.

The movie 12 Years a Slave will have a limited release this week (as mentioned above) and then also for next week (week 2), which will add the cities of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston.

If you’re like most of us, you’ll be lining up for the public “all audiences” release on November 1, 2013. And when you do, enjoy.



12 Years a Slave in Theaters Release Dates

12 years a slave movieThe new movie, 12 Years a Slave, is finally arriving in theaters on October 18, 2013 for its limited week 1 release around the United States and in Canada to include  Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, and Toronto.

The much-awaited extraordinary true story of Solomon Northrup will get a chance to test the waters with the October 18th movie release in major cities for week 1, and then extend to additional cities in the U.S. for week 2 on October 25th, which will include Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston.

The movie, 12 Years a Slave, based on the 12 Years a Slave book, will then be open to the masses of people who will undoubtedly be affected by this powerful story on November 1, where it will be playing in theaters everywhere.

Though the movie has yet to be publicly released, critics have been actively sharing their thoughts on the movie. Sasha Stone from had this to say: “The beauty in McQueen’s work is unshakable. The formidable film is still with me, vibrantly, in all of its glory and shame.”

Paul MacInnes from called the movie, “Stark, Visceral and unrelenting…not just a great film but a necessary one.”

We believe Paul is right that this movie is indeed “necessary” and will have a great impact on the audience in the United States and around the world.



Director of 12 Years a Slave Movie

Director Steve McQueen in his elementDirector / Producer, Steve McQueen in Brief

In case you haven’t heard yet, a new movie is coming out this year October 18th called, 12 Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen and written by John Ridley.

Steve McQueen, while not known very well by most film-goers, does have significant movies in his resume. McQueen’s 2008 feature film Hunger, revolved around the 1981 Irish hunger strike. It premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. McQueen was honored with the Caméra d’Or Award at Cannes. McQueen is the first British director to win the award. The film also took a win for the 2008 Diesel Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. McQueen’s second major theatrical release, Shame, is set in New York City, New York.

Do not be quick to overlook Mr. McQueen. And, maybe after this next big release of his, no one will be able to overlook him.

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12 Years a Slave Trailer Released

Movie fans (not to mention Brad Pitt fans) got to take a first look at the debut trailer for “12 Years a Slave.” This soon-to-be-realeased drama is poised to strike the hearts of those who watch it starting with its release October 2013.

Based on a true story, “12 Years a Slave” is a historical drama film based on the 1853 autobiography “Twelve Years a Slave” by Solomon Northup. Director Steve McQueen spearheaded the new film, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as a free black man named Solomon Northup who was sold into slavery after his abduction. He worked on plantations in the state of Louisiana for 12 years before his release.

“I don’t want to survive,” Northup says in the trailer. “I want to live.” This powerful statement hits quick and hard already in this first preview for the movie as he fights with his own will to accept or reject the future that has been laid out for him in the new world to which he was brought.

Brad Pitt joins the ensemble playing a Canadian abolitionist who encounters Northup after 12 long years suffering within the bonds of slavery.

Also featured in the film are Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve McQueen, Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano, and Paul Giamatti.


  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup
  • Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps, a “cruel” plantation owner
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as William Ford, a Baptist preacher and a slave owner
  • Paul Dano as John Tibeats
  • Paul Giamatti as Theophilus Freeman
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Patsey, a slave on the Epps plantation
  • Brad Pitt as Bass, a Canadian carpenter
  • Alfre Woodard as Mistress Harriet Shaw
  • Sarah Paulson as Mistress Epps, wife of Edwin Epps
  • Quvenzhané Wallis as Margaret Northup, Solomon Northup’s daughter
  • Dwight Henry as Uncle Abram
  • Adepero Oduye as Eliza
  • Michael K. Williams as Robert
  • Garret Dillahunt as Armsby
  • Ruth Negga as Celeste
  • Scoot McNairy as Brown
  • Taran Killam as Hamilton

 “12 Years a Slave” opens Oct. 18. Watch the trailer below:

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More information on the movie and book: